1. Log into D2L
  2. Click on the title of the D2L site you want to copy things To
  3. Click on Edit Course in the upper right hand corner of your navbar
  4. Click on Import/Export/Copy Components
  5. Under the heading “What would you like to do?” choose Copy Components from another Org Unit.
  6. Be sure Include Protected Resources is checked. 


  7. Click the Search for Offering button
  8. In the popup window, click the magnifying glass icon to load the list of eligible course sitesSearchCopyComponents
  9. Choose the old course site you want to copy from.
  10. Click Select Components.
  11. Either click Select All Components or Select Component to be copied.
  12. Under “Choose Components to Copy,” select the radio button next to the items you wish to copy.
    IMPORTANT: The “Include associated files” option in the Content category is on by default, meaning that there is no need to select “Course Files” as well.  NOTE: To avoid complications when setting up new Groups for the current semester, you may wish to exclude “Groups” when copying components."Choose Components to Copy" options.
  13. Click on the Continue button.
  14. The next screen allows you to make changes or confirm what you have selected.  Click Finish.
  15. Wait for green check marks to appear as each Component is successfully copied.
  16. Click Done.

After you’ve copied components into your new course site, we recommend making the following adjustments:

  • Quizzes: adjust availability dates for both:
    • the quiz -and-
    • for any “submission views”, especially those that include answer keys.
  • Gradebook:
    • delete “overall comments” for any copied grade items.
    • Also, make adjustments
      • if you dropped one or more items in a category at the end of the previous semester and/or
      • if you had grade calculations treating an unentered grade as a zero at the end of the previous semester.
  • News, Discussions, Dropboxes, Surveys, Content, Quizzes: adjust or remove:
    • date restrictions and
    • release conditions.
  • News and Discussions: if you embedded a link to a course file — even if you replaced the file in Manage Files with another of the same name — the original file will remain linked! To ensure students will have access to the linked file, delete the link and rebuild it using the file in the current course site.

Be aware that after copying is complete, the navigation bar and homepage from the original site will now be active in the new course site.

D2L 10.6, July 2016