The following directions will allow the instructor to hide selected grade items from the students’ view.

This may be particularly useful if the instructor wishes to enter student grades periodically without letting the first group of students see their grades before other students (ex. entering speech or test grades while other students have yet to give the speech/take the test).

There are 2 paths to accomplish the goal of hiding grade items from students:

A. From the Enter Grades view of the Gradebook:

  1. Click [Grades] to get to the Enter Grades view of the Gradebook
  2. Click on the dropdown arrow next to the grade item and select [Edit]
  3. Click on the [Restrictions] tab
  4. Click [Hide this grade item]
  5. Click [Save] (or [Save and Close])

B. From Manage Grades:

  1. Click [Grades] to get to enter the Gradebook
  2. Click [Manage Grades]
  3. Click on the grade item you want to hide
  4. Click on the [Restrictions] tab
  5. Click [Hide this grade item]
  6. Click [Save] (or [Save and Close])

Note: This will hide the entire grade item so that no students will be able to see their scores for the item.   You will not see the eyelid icon or any other indication that the grade item is hidden in the Enter Grades view of the Gradebook.  However, when you go back into “Manage Grades” you will see a “closed eyelid” symbol next to the grade item.

D2L.V.10.1, Dec 2013