Students may choose to drop  (or may be administratively withdrawn from) a class, which will result in an automatic unenrollment from the D2L Classlist, unless the enrollment was processed manually (which is a separate problem).  Often, instructors are asked to report grade or progress information for students who have dropped.

There are several ways to get this information.


Student contributions to the Discussions area are NOT removed when a student withdraws from the course. These can be viewed any time.

Classlist: Withdrawals

To view student grades for a withdrawn student:

  • From the D2L Course Home page, click [Classlist]
  • Click [Enrollment Statistics]
  • Scroll down past the statistics to the list of “Withdrawals”
  • Find the student’s name
  • Using the drop-down menu, click the [View Grades] icon (yellow ruler with green checkmark)

Important note: You can access this information at any time, whether the course site is still active or even after you have made the course site inactive.  This is useful since inquiries for grades or the time a student last completed assignments in your course often come after the semester is over (when a student is trying to get a refund, or financial aid is involved).

HOWEVER, if the course site is not Active, you will be unable to retrieve the student’s actual submissions in Quizzes and Dropboxes. Only grade information will be available unless you re-enroll the student.

Please see caution below about re-enrolling students to Active D2L course sites.

Classlist: Re-enrollment

Content, Grades, Quizzes, Dropboxes

Re-enrolling the student in your course site restores their contributions and grades, which can be viewed as you would those for any other student, regardless of whether the course site is Active or Inactive (visible to students).

CAUTION: If you choose to re-enroll the student (via the Classlist, as described below) in order to see her actual submissions, we recommend that you first double-check the Withdrawals area of the Classlist to be sure there is no green dot by the student’s name (indicates s/he’s logged into the D2L system).

If s/he IS logged in, it may be best wait until a time when s/he is NOT logged in, so that s/he doesn’t notice the class has reappeared in his/her MyCourses list, and wander by to see what’s happening there.

User Progress

Re-enrolling the student in your course site restores some of the summary of information in the User Progress area, but only if the course site is Active.

  • Click [Classlist], then click [Add Existing Users]
  • Enter the username of the student in the Search For text box and click the magnifying glass icon
  • When the student shows up in the search results, click to put a checkmark in the box next to the name
  • Click the dropdown arrow next to Select a Role and select [Student]
  • Click [Enroll Selected Users], and then click [Done]
  • Click [Edit Course], then [Course Offering Information] (under Site Setup).  If the D2L site is not already Active, click to place a checkmark in the [Course is Active] box and click [Save]
  • Click [Classlist] and then click the dropdown arrow next to the student’s name and select [View Progress].
  • Click on your choice of course items in the left side panel to look for details of completed grade items, or click on [Grades] to see the most recent completed assessments/grade items.
  • If you made your course active, don’t forget to go to Edit Course to make it inactive again.



D2L 10.3, May, 2015