“User Progress” is the primary way to check your students’ D2L login history.

1.  Click [Classlist] on the main navigation bar
2.  Click the [Students] tab
3.  Find the student’s name in the list
4.  Click the tiny inverted triangle beside the name and select [View Progress] from the dropdown menu
5.  Click on [Login History] to see the dates the selected student logged into the D2L system — NOT into your particular course site

6.  Click on the text “# sessions” to reveal dates and times of the logins, as well as the IP addresses


There is no “history” of a student’s access to YOUR course site, only the Last Accessed date and time.
To see the date and time your course site was last accessed by a student:
  • Click [Classlist] in the main navigation bar
  • Click the [Students] tab
  • On the far right side of the list, view the “Last Accessed” information for each student
D2L 10.3, Nov2014