In many cases, the UWM Libraries have digital versions of journal articles and other publications.  For assistance with finding journal articles, use the “Ask a Librarian” service:

In some case, however, instructors wish to deliver book chapters or articles that are not in a digital format.  In order to deliver this content through D2L, physical materials need to be digitized.  To accomplish this, the Library offers access to combination photocopier/scanners:

These machines provide the option to scan multiple-page materials as PDF documents.  Machines are located in the Media and Reserve (Library Lower Level map:, and the Daniel M. Soref Learning Commons (First Floor map:

There is no charge for scanning PDF document.  Once scanned, the PDFs can be emailed via PantherLink, uploaded to PantherFile, or saved to a portable storage device.  Instructions for scanning can be found on the machines, or below.


Accessibility Considerations:

The scanned PDF will be an image, not text.  As is, these PDFs are not searchable and are not accessible by screen readers.  To make your PDF searchable and accessible, you can perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) using Adobe Acrobat.  Adobe Acrobat XI is available on computers in the UWM Libraries or for purchase through WISC – Wisconsin Integrated Software Catalog

Help on applying ORC to a PDF using Adobe Acrobat XI, can be found here:


How to scan using the UWM Libraries combination photocopier/scanners:

STEP 1: Press “scanner” on left side

STEP 2: Put the document under top (face down on the glass)

STEP 3: Select the “Press to scan” button (it will be orange when selected)

STEP 4: Select “File Type/Name” on left

STEP 5: Select “File Name” and name your file

STEP 6: Press the green start button

STEP 7: Press “#” when done

STEP 8: Get files from the computers in the “Get Your Scans Here” folder on the desktop.

STEP 9: To email the file to yourself, open a browser and login to PantherLink.  To copy onto a portable drive, insert the drive and drag and drop the file.