Students presentations are a common form of assessment in face-to-face courses.  When transitioning to an online or blended course, many instructors seek an online solution for the traditional student presentation.

For individual presentations:

SlideBoom creates narrated presentations which can be viewed in Desire2Learn.  SlideBoom is a web-based tool that converts Microsoft PowerPoint files (including recorded audio) to a format (Flash) that is ideal for sharing presentations over the web.

Students need Microsoft PowerPoint and a free account on SlideBoom.

Here are two tutorials that you can share with your students covering “Creating narrated presentations using SlideBoom and embedding in a D2L Discussion post”

This tutorial is for Mac users with Office 2008:
This tutorial is for PC users with Office 2010 and Windows 7:

Group presentations:

If your students are creating group presentations rather than individual presentations, VoiceThread is a web-based tool for creating narrated presentations for the web.  With VoiceThread, you can upload, share and discuss presentations, as well as documents, images, audio files and videos.

Here is a tutorial for creating a group presentations using VoiceThread:

Video presentations or demonstrations:

Finally, if you want your students to create a video presentation (or demonstration) rather than a narrated presentation, you may consider creating a video using a mobile device or a webcam and distributing this to D2L using YouTube’s Unlisted feature.  Here is a tutorial for your students on this process:


For more information or additional suggestions on students-created presentations, contact the LTC at