FAQ #1: Can go back to the presentation at a later point and record a single slide or a series of slides?

Yes, check out Step #6 and Step #7 here: http://uwmltc.org/?p=3923  In addition, you can stop your recording at any point by hitting the escape key [Esc] on your keyboard.

FAQ #2:  What if I make a change to a presentation I’ve already recorded; how do I “save” these changes?

Remember, there are two components necessary when making an iSpring Free web presentation.  You need a PowerPoint file, which you use to make the recording.  You also need the presentation folder (published using iSpring Free), which is zipped and uploaded to D2L.

You can always go back and change or re-record slides, but you’ll need to [Publish] your presentation again in order for these changes to be evident in your web presentation.

If you make changes to your presentation *after* you uploaded it to D2L, you will have to delete the presentation files (or the entire folder) in the Manage files area of your D2L course site, and you will have to re-upload the zip file for the new, altered presentation.

FAQ #3:  Should I make a “practice” presentation?

Yes, I highly recommend that you make a “practice” recording on a few slides (not the whole presentation) in order to be sure that your microphone is setup properly and that you feel comfortable with the procedure of moving through the slides during recording.

You can start a “practice” recording on the first slide, following the directions on this tutorial: http://uwmltc.org/?p=3923.  Record a few slides.  When you are done with your practice presentation, hit [Esc] on your keyboard to stop the recording.

Once you have made a test presentation, you will need to [Publish] in order to evaluate the iSpring presentation.  To do this follow Steps #8 through Step #12 of the above tutorial.  Once publishing is finished, the presentation should start playing in a browser immediately and you can determine if the audio is functioning correctly and you are satisfied with your pacing.

After you have recorded the final presentation, be sure to zip your iSpring folder using the directions in Step #13 of this tutorial: http://uwmltc.org/?p=3923 and the full directions at: http://uwmltc.org/?p=3940

FAQ #4:  How do I know if I have downloaded the correct version of iSpring?

In order to create narrated PowerPoint presentations, you will need to download and install the iSpring Free PowerPoint Plug-in:  You can also find http://www.ispringsolutions.com/ispring_free_license_request.html  You will need to register for a license for iSpring Free and you will receive an email with the download information.  Be sure to install iSpring Free (not the free trial of iSpring Pro).

You can tell if you’ve downloaded iSpring FREE and not the free version of iSpring Pro if the file that you downloaded is named “ispring_free_6_2_0.msi”  If you downloaded the INCORRECT free version of iSpring Pro, the
file will be named “ispring_pro_7_0_0.msi”

Also, if you have already installed iSpring and you are unsure if you are using the correct version, you can
open PowerPoint and make sure the Navigation Bar says [iSpring Free] and not [iSpring].