VHS tapes require special equipment to convert the signal from analogue to digital. If you have videos that need to be digitized, please contact the CETL (LTC@uwm.edu) to setup an appointment. The CETL offers instructors the use of a media lab for creating course related content. You can also check-out a Digitizing Pack. Using this pack, you can digitize VHS tapes at your office or home.

Included in the Digitizing Pack is software that will capture the video, provide simple editing tools, and convert the video to a format that can easily be uploaded to D2L.  This instruction sheet with show you how to use the software included in the Digitizing Pack — Pinnacle Studio 12: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o22dik0zpl8xz5o/Using_Pinnacle_to_capture_video_for%20D2L_screenshots.pdf?dl=0

Once the video file is created, it can be uploaded through the My Media tool into your D2L course site using these instructions: http://uwmltc.org/?p=7533