Instructors sometimes want to give students an opportunity to earn extra points on a quiz without designating specific questions as “bonus.”

D2L doesn’t really support this practice, but here is a workaround devised by Matthew Russell of the UWM Learning Technology Center.

In this example, an instructor created a quiz worth 50 points, but will award 100% credit to all students who earn 45 points.


1.  Create a Grade Item which is worth the same number of points as the quiz.

2. HIDE the Grade Item from students’ view (because the scoring will not be correct until all these steps are completed).

3. In the Quiz, confirm that the boxes are checked to BOTH “Auto Export to Grades” and “Auto Grade.”

4. After all students have taken the quiz, confirm that all the scores are recorded in the Grades area. At this point, please IGNORE the percentage score.

5. On the Quiz’s [Properties] page, change the ”Grade Item” to [None].  This breaks the link between the Quiz and the Grade Item, but leaves the students’ scores intact in both locations.



6. Edit the Grade Item’s “Max Points” to reflect the instructor’s “100%” score. In our example, that number is 45.

7. At the same time, check the box to indicate a student’s score “Can Exceed” the 100% score.




8. Click [Save]

9. Edit the Grade Item so it is no longer hidden from the students’ view.


All the scores in the grade item are based on the Quiz’s original 50 points max which were transferred from the quiz. However, when the link between the Quiz and the Grade Item is broken, and when the Grade Item’s Max Points value is lowered and the ‘Can Exceed’ box checked, a student’s score can exceed 100%.

The key, of course, is that ALL student Quiz attempts are completed, and that all the students’ quiz scores are in the Grade Item, which the instructor adjusts so that scores can exceed 100%. 

NOTE: This method works regardless of whether the Quiz or Grade Item is in a category.