This tutorial will show you how to upload an audio file to D2L using the Insert Stuff feature. This process allows the audio file to play *in* the browser, rather than requiring the student to download the MP3 file to their computer and use a desktop media player to listen.

Before you begin:

  1. You’ll need to have access to the MP3 file for the audio clip. WAV files will also work, but they need to be less that 10 minutes.
  2. You’ll need [Instructor] access to your D2L course site.

You may consider printing this tutorial and referencing it as you work. A printable PDF version of this tutorial can be found here:

Step #1


Select the location where you’d like to distribute your audio file. You can upload and distribute audio files anywhere there is an HTML Editor in D2L (for example, Content, Announcements/News, or Quizzes).

For this tutorial, we’ll select Content, although the steps for inserting the audio file using the HTML Editor are identical regardless of the D2L location.

Step #2


Option #1 – if you have already created the Module in which you’d like to place your audio file, click [Table of Contents] Identify the Module title from the list of Modules.

Option #2 – if you need to create a new Module in which you’ll place your audio file, click [Add a module…]. Provide a title for the Module.

Step #3

  1. Pull down the menu under [New].
  2. Select [Create a File].

Step #4

  1. Provide a [Title] for your audio file. This is the link students will click on to listen to the file, so this can be descriptive.
  2. In the HTML editor, click the [Insert Stuff] button.

Step #5 – Option 1

  1. If you have ALREADY uploaded your audio file to D2L, click [Course Offering Files].
  2. Select the correct audio file by clicking the radio button in front of the title.
  3. Click [Next].

Step #5 – Option 2

  1. If you have NOT already uploaded your audio file to D2L, click [My Computer].
  2. Click the [Choose File] button.

Step #5b – Option 2

  1. Browse to the location on your computer where you have saved your audio file and select the file.
  2. Click [Open].

Step #5c – Option 2

  1. Ensure that you’ve picked up the correct files and click [Upload].

Step #6

  1. Enter [Link Text] and [Alternate Text]. This can be the same text as the Topic Title.
  2. OPTIONAL: You may [Preview] the audio file.
  3. Click [Insert].

Step #7

  1. Once you return to the [Create a File] window, you’ll notice that a yellow box appears inside the HTML Editor. You can add additional text to this page, if you’d like.
  2. Click [Publish].

Step #8

  1. Ensure that the audio file plays correctly. Click the [Play] button on the player to listen to the audio file.