Instructors sometimes want to allow students to earn “extra” points on a quiz, without designating specific “bonus” questions.

EXAMPLE: An instructor creates a Quiz with 15 questions, where a student who correctly answers 12 of those questions will receive 100% credit, and a student who correctly answers 15 questions will receive 125% credit.

Here is one method for achieving this:


A. Set up the Quiz and Grade Item

This “set up” will ensure that the proper point values are moved from the Quiz to the corresponding Grade Item.

1.  Ensure that the Quiz is linked to a Grade Item with the same number of “out of” points.

EXAMPLE: The Quiz and the linked Grade Item each are valued at 15 points.

2.  On the Quiz’s [Properties] page, check the boxes to:

  • [allow automatic export to grades] under “Allow Export to Grades”
  • [allow attempt to be set as graded immediately upon completion] under “Automatic Grade”
3.  Click [Save and Close]


B. Break the link between Quiz and Grade Item

Follow these steps only AFTER the exam period is over (when no one else will be taking the quiz). All points should already be in the Grades Item.

3.  Go to the Quiz’s [Properties] page and “unhook” the Quiz from the Grade Item.

  • Select [None] under “Grade Item”
  • Click [Save and Close]
4.  Go to the Grades area and edit the Grade Item:
  • On the Grade Item’s [Properties] page, under “Grading”
    • Type the lower number of points in the [Max. Points] box — EXAMPLE: Change the 15-point Grade Item to 12.
    • Click to select [Can Exceed]
    • Click [Save and Close]
That’s all!
The Grades area should show that the change in the students’ percentage, as desired.