Here’s how an instructor can …

  • change scoring on a specific QUESTION, after the quiz has been taken
  • automatically correct all student grading for that specific question

[Please note that this works for multiple choice and true/false questions, but NOT with “ordering” questions.]


  1. Click on [Quizzes] on the Navigation Bar
  2. Click on the [Dropdown Arrow] next to the appropriate Quiz, select “Grade”¬†from the¬†dropdown menu.
  3. On the next screen, click on the [Questions] tab.



  1. Click to choose “Update all attempts”
  2. Each question in the quiz is listed under the [Question] tab.

NOTE: If any question was changed after ANY student took the quiz, scroll down to look for the ORIGINAL version of the question(s), under the heading “Questions that are not on the quiz anymore”

  • Clicking on a question brings you to the question, with a summary of student responses.
  • Click on the title for each question you need to change scoring on, including old versions of the same question, if necessary.

Under each version, you will have the option to “give all attempts ___ points” or “give to selected choices ____ points.”

This is where the instructor can correct the problem with quiz scoring. For example, if the instructor accidentally flagged the wrong answer in the quiz as correct, D2L would have erroneously given points to the students who chose the wrong answer.

The instructor may open the erroneously-marked version of the question, change the scoring to give the wrong answer 0 points, and give full points to the correct answer.

Or, if an instructor originally created the quiz with an incorrect value (i.e., 1% to the correct answer instead of 100% to the correct answer) s/he can update all the quiz scores after adjusting the edit values to the appropriate percentage. In this case, s/he would choose the second radio button. Be sure the correct answer and point value is chosen with this option!

6. Whichever option is chosen, click [Save] before closing.


D2L 10.0 April 2015