During the weeks before the start of an academic term, Human Resources offices are frequently overwhelmed with instructor hires. Typically, HR paperwork must be completed before an instructor gets an ePantherID, or is considered an instructor for a course. This can significantly delay the instructor’s access to D2L, PAWS and most other UWM tools.

In an effort to accommodate the complications of start-of-term hiring, an emergency process exists to expedite the instructor’s access to UWM resources, This process can only be used within 5 weeks of the start of a term. Otherwise, regular hiring procedures should be used by the college, school or department.

Steps to Expediting Access to UWM Services

  1. A sponsor from the new instructor’s college, school or department should fill-out the Instructor Add Form. This form will gather the necessary information for the Registrar’s Office to add the new instructor to PAWS. Form submissions are typically processed the same day.
  2. The hiring college, school or department will receive email notification when the new instructor is added to PAWS. At this point, the appropriate SoC Contact should assign the instructor to the correct courses in PAWS. If possible, this should be done the same day the Registrar’s Office adds the instructor to PAWS.
  3. The time an instructor must wait will vary based on the instructor’s past UWM relationship.
    1. Is the instructor new to UWM?
      1. An ePantherID will be created within a day of being added to a course in PAWS. The sponsor of the new instructor will receive an email confirmation when the ePantherID is created.
      2. The day after an ePantherID is created, the instructor will appear in D2L as an instructor in their course, and will have access to other UWM services that rely on 1Login.
    2. Otherwise…
      1. The day after the instructor is added to a course in PAWS, the instructor will be enrolled into the appropriate D2L course.
      2. While the new instructor may be able to use their ePantherID to login to D2L, they will not be able to see their course until after the nightly integration with PAWS is complete.

Expediting Access After the Start of the Term

The appropriate dean or chair must send an email to CETL Learning Technology support staff at to authorize the new instructor’s enrollment into the course in D2L. The email should include the new instructor’s ePantherID, the name, subject and catalog number  of the course, the section of the course and any other pertinent information to ensure the enrollment is completed correctly.