Unfortunately D2L does not offer a way to directly transfer attendance into grades. However, you can export the attendance data and then import it into grades.

Note: To import into Grades, you must export into a CSV file and then modify it to look like this template: Grades_Sample_Import_File


Step 1: Export Attendance Data

Go into your attendance and click on the dropdown menu next to the attendance register you want to export and click Edit.

Once in Edit-Register, click on the dropdown menu next to the register name and click Attendance Data.

Then click on Export All Data


Step 2: Import into Grades


Go into Grades and click on Import.

Again make sure that between exporting the CSV from Attendance and importing into Grades, that you modify the CSV to be in this format: Grades_Sample_Import_File Choose that file and click Continue.

NOTE: If you don’t already have a grade item set up, click on “Create new grade item when an unrecognized item is referenced”

D2L 10.0 August 2012