How do I add an instructor or TA to my course site?

NOTE:  In general, instructors should not make any changes to enrollments for students who have ePanther accounts in D2L. Students are automatically enrolled and unenrolled the through PAWS-to-D2L the nightly update process.

The process of adding someone to your D2L site is very straightforward:

1) Click  [Classlist] on the main navigation bar

2) Click [Add Participants]

3) Click [Add an Existing User]

4) In the “Search For:” text box, type the ePanther username (do not include “”)

5) Click on the magnifying glass icon to search

6) In the search results list, click the checkbox next to the person’s name

7) Under “Role,” select the appropriate Role (see below for more information)

8) Click [Enroll Selected Users]


Here is a list of D2L roles and associated permissions:

  • [Instructor] role can do just about anything necessary to manage a course site.
  • [Teaching Asst] role can do all that an Instructor can do EXCEPT delete items and materials; they also cannot copy components from one site to another.
  • [Student] role has permissions that allow viewing and participation in the course — within the parameters set by the Instructor and Teaching Asst.
  • [Guest Instructor] role has roughly the same permissions as Student, and they cannot see student grade information. They can view the course site even when it is Inactive.
  • [Guest] role can see Content and some other areas, but cannot interact with students or submit assignments/quizzes, etc.
  • [zCourseDeveloper] role can create/modify News items, Content materials, Quizzes, Links, and Surveys but cannot see student information (including grades).