How to create an announcement

1. On a course home page, click the [New News Item] icon from the dropdown menu located next to News.

2. Enter the desired information for each field.


  • The headline will appear at the beginning of the news item.
  • The content of the posting can be entered here in either plain text, or by using the html editor.
  • The availability of the news item controls when it will be visible to students. Use this to have the posting appear in the future, or leave blank to have it appear immediately.
  • Attachments can be used to attach documents or presentations to the news posting.
  • Release Conditions control when the item will appear based on other conditions, such as a student’s having viewed a content item or completed a quiz.

3. Click Save to add the news item to the News area.


How to delete an announcement


  1. Go to the home page of the course if not already there by selecting Course Home from the mini bar.
  2. Press the [Delete] button from the dropdown menu by the News item.
  3. Respond “OK” to “Are you sure you wish to delete the News item?
  4. Select [Course Home] from the navigation bar to return to the course home page.

Here is a video tutorial created by the LTC to help you with creating and deleting news announcements on D2L: