This is meant to provide a basis for the course module that you will be working on during the online period before our next face-to-face session.

Please remember our backwards design approach: (a) what do you want your students to be able to do? (b) what evidence would you accept that they have met this learning goal? (c) what learning activity will produce the evidence you seek? In this case, we’d like you to focus on using an asynchronous discussion forum for your learning activity.

Please identify a learning objective for your course from which you will develop a learning module. We suggest that your choice of assignment be guided by finding a “piece” of that course to which you would be willing to award approximately 3-5% of the course grade.

You should take into account:

  • What learning objective would you like your students to accomplish by completing this learning module?

  • How will you know that your students achieved this learning objective? How will the students’ work be evaluated? How will they receive feedback on their work?

  • What resources would your students to consult in order to develop an effective a posting for the discussion forum? What will constitute the analytical component of the students’ postings?

  • Will the students respond to one another? What counts as a good response?

  • What will your role be in the online discussion, and how will you communicate this to your students?

  • What timeline do you foresee for this assignment?

  • If you are redesigning a course for blended instruction, please also indicate how your discussion forum activity will be integrated into the face-to-face component of the course.