Courses are listed by semester in the My Courses area of the D2L “MyHome” page, with the newest semester at the top.

    • Users with more than one Role in D2L (e.g., “Instructor”-and- “Enrolled Student”), must first choose the appropriate Role tab.
    • To show or hide all your courses for a particular semester, click the “arrow” icon to the right of the semester name.
    • Cross-listed courses will appear as identical listings under each department; please compare the last 6 digits of the URL (the “OU number”) — it is a single course site if the OU number is the same for each listing.

Need help?

  • Is the course site you are looking for still not visible?
    • Please check whether you can see it in PAWS.  If so, please fill out a D2L Course Site Request so we can create it for you!
    • If not, your department must add you as the Instructor of Record in PAWS. The next day, you should see the course in D2L.
  • Perhaps your D2L site doesn’t combine your classes in they way you’d like?
    • Please let us know! Sometimes the humans at the Learning Technology Center just don’t know which classes and sections should be combined into a single D2L course site (although we always check the online schedule) .
    • If this is the case, please gather all the essential information (including the exact section number/s — please don’t guess, or you could end up with the wrong students!) and fill out the web-based UWM D2L Course Site Request form .
    • After we receive your request, your D2L course site will usually appear in your D2L MyCourses list within 24-48 hours, and student enrollments will normally happen overnight.