Courses are listed by semester in the My Courses area of the D2L “MyHome” page, with the newest semester at the top.

    • Users with more than one Role in D2L (e.g., “Instructor”-and- “Enrolled Student”), must first choose the appropriate Role tab.
    • To show or hide all your courses for a particular semester, click the “arrow” icon to the right of the semester name.
    • Cross-listed courses will appear as identical listings under each department; please compare the last 6 digits of the URL (the “OU number”) — it is a single course site if the OU number is the same for each listing.

NOTE: It certainly can be confusing to have two or three links in the MyCourses area, when the instructor has asked for them to be combined in D2L. To clarify the way that D2L handles these cross-listed courses:

– ​D2L can list links to a single course site under up to 3 different departments; comparing the ou# after following each link confirms it is the same single D2L site​.

– Listing it under each department can theoretically help students find it in D2L under the department they actually registered for it in PAWS.

– Because each department has its own “header” in the MyCourses listing, instructors see a link to the combined D2L site under each header, but students (who are only enrolled in one department) only see one link​. The instructor may wish to hide multiple links to the same D2L site by “collapsing” the extra department’s header in his/her own MyCourses area.

– Jointly-taught courses, which are all offered by the same department in PAWS and which are combined in D2L, do NOT show up as multiple links in the MyCourses area of D2L for either the instructor OR the students.

Need help?

  • Is the course site you are looking for still not visible?
    • Please check whether you can see it in PAWS.  If so, please fill out a D2L Course Site Request so we can create it for you!
    • If not, your department must add you as the Instructor of Record in PAWS. The next day, you should see the course in D2L.
  • Perhaps your D2L site doesn’t combine your classes in they way you’d like?
    • Please let us know! Sometimes the humans at the Learning Technology Center just don’t know which classes and sections should be combined into a single D2L course site (although we always check the online schedule) .
    • If this is the case, please gather all the essential information (including the exact section number/s — please don’t guess, or you could end up with the wrong students!) and fill out the web-based UWM D2L Course Site Request form .
    • After we receive your request, your D2L course site will usually appear in your D2L MyCourses list within 3 business days, and student enrollments will normally be synced with PAWS each night.