TurningPoint clickers must be programmed to transmit responses on a channel specific to each classroom. The classroom channel will be provided by your instructor.  If you are allowed to use ResponseWare, your instructor will provide a session ID number needed to use your mobile device as a clicker.  Once you have programmed your clicker or responseware session, you can respond to clicker questions in the classroom as follows:

All hardware clickers:  

Click the number/letter of your choice while ‘polling’ is open on a clicker slide. The last click you make for a slide before polling closes is the one that will be accepted unless your instructor informs you otherwise. Valid choices cause an LED on older clickers to glow green for a second or so. Clickers with an LCD screen will display your choice.

ResponseWare users:

 When polling is open, the question and answer options are displayed. Select your answer choice. Your answer is sent automatically to the presentation computer, along with your classmates’ regular clicker choices.