TurningPoint clickers must be programmed to transmit responses on a channel specific to each classroom. The classroom channel will be provided by your instructor.  If you are allowed to use ResponseWare, your instructor will provide a session ID number needed to use your mobile device as a clicker.

Program RF clickers as follows:

Click the CH (channel) or GO button, then press the channel numbers, and finally, press the CH (GO) key again. For example for channel 74, press the key sequence CH-7-4-CH. A green LED will glow for a second or so. On clickers with an LCD, you will see the channel on the LCD display.

Program a QT Device as follows:

Click CH-7-4-OK (the arrow pointing to “OK” on the LCD); you will see the channel on the LCD display.

Enter a clicker session with ResponseWare as follows:

  1. On your mobile device, open the ResponseWare app or go to responseware.com
  2. When prompted, enter the Session ID provided by your instructor
  3. If prompted, log in to your Turning Account
  4. Wait for the presenter to begin the clickers presentation