As of Spring 2015, to be ready to participate in a class requiring Turning Technologies Clickers, you will need to complete the following registration steps:

  1. Click on the integration link in D2L*
  2. Create a Turning Account with Turning Technologies using your UWM email
  3. Purchase and Register a Turning License in your Turning Account
  4. Purchase and register a Device ID in your Turning Account (if you are using a hardware clicker)

Step-by-step tutorial: TurningPoint Cloud Student Registration Guide

*NOTE: You only need to complete this registration process through one class at UWM.  You will not need to register through the D2L integration link again in additional classes using clickers or in future semesters at UWM.  As long as your Turning Account and Turning License are active and valid you will be ready to use your clicker or ResponseWare in UWM classes.

Additional Resources:
How to program your device in each classroom before responding to clickers questions
How to respond to clicker questions in class
See also: TurningPoint Cloud Clickers: Student FAQ’s

Updated January 21, 2016