At the organizational unit level, an instructor can add [User Progress] as a link to the D2L navigation bar. This view allows instructors to see and compare class progress between all of their students at a glance.

This “Class Progress” link lists all of the students enrolled in the class and displays four (4) of the total nine (9) available progress indicators.

By default, the progress indicators displayed are Content, Objectives, Logins, and Grades. You can switch which progress indicators are displayed based on your preference.

Add a link to the Navigation Bar

Click on [Edit Course] in the main navigation bar

Click on [Navigation and Themes] in the Site Setup area

Click the dropdown next to [Course Default] and select [Copy] to make a copy of the course navigation bar template.

Click into the [Course Default – Copy–] to edit the links in the navigation bar.

Scroll down and click [Add Links] to whichever quadrant you would like to add the [User Progress] link

Click [Add Links] and scroll down to check the box next to [User Progress]

Click [Save and Close]

Select the dropdown under “Active Navbar” at the top of the page click on [Course Default – Copy] and click [Apply]. This will apply the navbar with the User Progress link.

User Progress

Click on the [User Progress] link in the navigation bar.

Click on  Settings

Click the dropdown arrow next to a current indicator and select [Replace] to replace a default indicator.


Select the new indicator and double click on it for selection. This indicator will now replace a default indicator.

Click [Save and Close].


D2L v10.3  May 2015