The following tutorial explains a temporary fix instructors can implement to make Adobe Presenter voice-over-PowerPoint presentations viewable at an acceptable size in D2L.

NOTE: This is only a temporary fix; Adobe support for Flash is scheduled to end soon, and instructors will need to find a more permanent alternative solution.

A screenshot of the known issue is shown below with a viewing window that is too small for reading purposes:



The instructor can remedy the viewing problem in D2L by relinking the content topic to the viewer.swf file instead of the index.html:

1.  On the Content page, click the link to view the affected presentation.

2.  Click the [tiny inverted triangle] beside the title of the Content topic.

3.  In the dropdown menu, select [Change File].

screen shot showing "Change File" option

4.  On the next screen, click [Choose Existing].

screen shot showing the location of "Choose Existing" option







5.  In the “Add a File” popup window, navigate to the folder containing the correct content, then click the folder title.

screen shot showing "Add a File" popup window






6.  Click the radio button to select the file named “viewer.swf”

screen shot showing viewer.swf file










7.  Click [Add].

8.  Note that the viewer.swf file is now listed on the next screen. Click [Update].

screen shot showing the viewer.swf file listed, and indicating location of Update button