This tutorial shows students how to access a D2L course site in which the instructor has provided access to the My Media tool for video and audio file uploads in D2L.

In order to access the My Media features, students are enrolled in the D2L course site differently than in other courses. Students’ enrollment changes from [Student] to [MCStdnt]. As a result, students will access the course under a different tab than in other courses. Below are two options for accessing the course site as an “MCStdnt.”

Student access option #1


After you have changed student enrollment, students will access your course under a different tab than other courses.

  1. If students choose to find your course under the [My Courses] list, they will click the [MCStdnt] button next to [Role:].



Student access option #2 (preferred)

  1. To eliminate confusion, encourage students to us the [Select a course] pull-down menu which list all course regardless of enrollment type.