This tutorial will show you how to add a profile picture to your Online Room identity.

Before you begin:

  • You will need to access your Online Room.
  • You will need a picture, in JPEG format, of yourself. Preferably, this picture would be a headshot — framed around your face, like a drivers license or passport photo.

Step #1

  1. From within Online Rooms/BlackBoard Collaborate, click the [Blackboard Collaborate] tab and select [Preferences…].

Step #2

  1. From the left-hand preferences menu, under [Profile], select [My Profile].
  2. Under the [Identity] tab, click the [Change…] button.

Browse to the location on your computer where you have stored a picture of yourself (prefer a headshot, framed like a drivers license or passport photo).

Step #3

  1. When your picture appears, click the [OK] button.

Step #4


Once you have added your Profile picture, your peers will see your image when your [Talk] button in pressed and you are commmunicating with the voice-over-IP tool.