PowerPoint presentations delivered through D2L are best formatted as PDF files. As compared to PowerPoint files, PDFs open smoothly in D2L without requiring the students to download and open the file using special software (MS PowerPoint). PDFs can also be saved and printed from within D2L. Finally, PDFs are easy to navigate from within D2L, students simply click the forward button to move through the presentation.

PDF versions of presentations are especially useful for instructors wishing to deliver course content and lectures online as a voice-over PowerPoint presentation. In order to make the audio presentation accessible to students, instructors should also provide the content in a text and image format.

Before you begin:

  • You will need to have a completed PowerPoint presentation
  • You will need to compose a text-only transcript to accompany the narrated presentation
  • The text transcriptscript must be pasted into the [Notes] area below each slide

For more information on giving an online presentation with text and/or images, see: http://uwmltc.org/?page_id=4561

Step #1

  1. Ensure that your text transcript has been pasted into the [Notes] area below each PowerPoint slide.
  2. Click [File] in the PowerPoint menu.
  3. Select [Print…].

Step #2 – Option #1

  1. If you want to create a PDF with the text transcript below an image of the PowerPoint slide, click the [Print What] menu and select [Notes].

Step #2 – OPTION #2

  1. If you want to create a PDF with an image of the PowerPoint slide ONLY, click the [Print What] menu and select [Slides].

Step #3

  1. Pull down the menu for [PDF] at the bottom of the window.
  2. Select [Save as PDF…].
  3. Click [Print].

Step #4

  1. Ensure that you have named your file and added a .PDF to the end.
  2. Navigate to a folder in which you’d like to save your file.
  3. Click [Save].