When downloading or saving student submissions, it is imperative to maintain the privacy of student records, which should be saved on campus-housed, password-protected network storage rather than on local hard drives or portable storage devices. Questions about how long student records may be retained should be discussed with the UWM Records Officer.


  • To save / print Discussions, an instructor must either copy-and-paste into Microsoft Word or another word processor, or print posts to a PDF file.
  • Saving / printing is only available by Thread or Topic; it is not possible to print or save an entire Forum.


Important: this tutorial assumes you are seeing Discussions in “Grid View.” Here’s how to switch between “Reading View” and “Grid View.”


1. On the D2L Course Home page, click [Discussions] on the navigation bar.

2. On the Discussions List page, click on the name of the Topic you wish to print / save posts from. 

3. Click on the checkbox next to each post you wish to save or print.  If you wish to save/print all messages within a Topic, click on the checkbox to the left of “Mark Unread” above the list of messages.

step 1

4. Click [Print]. A window will appear with the text from all posts.

step 2

There are a number of programs that you can use to print text from posts:

  • If Adobe Acrobat is installed, you can also select the [Print] button in the window to open the Print settings window for your computer.  Select [Adobe PDF] as your printer.
  • If you use other PDF software, use that software to convert the posts to a PDF.
  • If you have Microsoft Office XP or higher for Windows, you can also print the document to ‘Microsoft Office Document Image Writer” which will save all pages as a multi-page TIFF file.
  • Alternatively, you could highlight all text, then copy-and-paste into Word or another word processor document.

For technical assistance in using Adobe, MS Office, or other software, please contact the UWM Help Desk.

D2L 10.3 – January 2014