This tutorial is written for Office 2001 running (PC) Windows 7.

When editing or re-recording narration on slides in PowerPoint, slide timings and transitions can become corrupt. If your narration is cut off — the narration doesn’t finish before the presentation transitions to the next slide, you will need to change the transition time manually.

Step #1

  1. From the [Normal View], select the problematic slide in the left-hand [Slides] list.

Step #2

  1. Click on the speaker icon to select the audio file.
  2. Click on the [Animation] tab in the top ribbon.
  3. Click the arrow on the bottom right side of the [Effects Options] button.

Step #3

  1. From the [Play Audio] menu, select the[ Audio Settings] tab.
  2. Under [Information] identify the [Total playing time]. Record this number for use in the next step.
  3. Click the [Cancel] button to exit the [Play Audio] menu.

Step #4

  1. Click the [Transitions] tab in the top ribbon.
  2. Under [Advance Slide], enter the [Total playing time] that you identified in Step #3 (above).

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