This tutorial will show you how to insert an image into a D2L Discussion Post.

Before you begin, you must have an image file available to you on your computer.

You may consider printing this tutorial and referencing it as you work. A printable PDF version of this tutorial can be found here:

Step #1


Login to D2L at and enter your course site.

  1. Click on [Discussions].

Note: If you enter the Discussion Topic directly from Content, skip to Step #3.

Step #2

  1. Identify the [Forum] in which you will make a post. You may need to [Click to show] the topic.

Step #3

  1. Click the [Topic Title] to enter the topic.

Step #4

  1. To post a message, click [Start New Thread].

Step #5

  1. Enter a [Subject].
  2. Paste your message, or compose your message in the HTML Editor field.

For a tutorial on copying and pasting from a word processing program, see:

Step #6

  1. Place your cursor into the text box at the location in whcih you’d like to insert your image.
  2. Click the [Insert Stuff] button.

Step #7

  1. Make sure the [My Computer] is selected.
  2. Click the [Upload] button.

Browse to the location on your computer where you have saved your image file and select the file.

Step #8

  1. When the file appears in the widow, ensure that [Store in course files] is selected.
  2. Click [ Add].

Step #9

  1. Enter descriptive text for accessibility purposes.
  2. Click [OK].

Step #10

  1. If the image you inserted is too large, you can resize the image by placing your cursor on small white square on the top left corner of the image. Once your cursor turns into a small black arrow, click and drag the cursor to the bottom right side of the window.

Repeat this process until the image is visable in the window without scrolling.

Step #11

  1. Once the image is placed and sized correclty, click [Post].