Users will see the D2L “landing” page (pictured below), when they click the “D2L” link on the UWM Homepage, or type “” into their browser’s address bar.

On the D2L landing page, users must choose between two login paths:

  • [UWM ePanther] account login – Students and instructors*
  • [Non ePanther] account login – Special account access*

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*More details are below
Logging into D2L is straightforward after choosing between the [UWM ePanther] or [Non ePanther] log in path.

D2L landing page showing two buttons, one labeled [UWM ePanther] and the second labeled [non ePanther]

Most UWM instructors and enrolled students will always choose the [UWM ePanther] log in path, because they use only their ePanther account in D2L.Some UWM instructors have a “special access” D2L account (to test the “student view” of their course site) in addition to their regular ePanther account. These instructors will need to choose their log in path based on the type of account they intend to use in D2L.

  • To use a special access account, the instructor must choose the [Non ePanther] D2L log in path.
  • To use their regular ePanther account, the instructor must choose the [UWM ePanther] D2L log in path, instead.
Log into D2L using an official UWM ePanther Account:

Log into D2L using a Special Access Account:

What about guest students, guest instructors, research collaborators, and others?[UWM ePanther] is the right choice for:

  • a UWM student registered through the PAWS system in for-credit classes
  • a UWM employee (e.g., faculty, teaching assistant, or staff) working on a D2L course site as an Instructor or TA

[Non ePanther] is the right choice for:

  • a UWM instructor using a special account to see the “student view” of a D2L course site
  • a UWM employee using a special D2L support or administrative role
  • a student or instructor in a non-credit, continuing education, or professional development class not listed in the official UWM online schedule (
  • a student registered through an institution other than UWM (e.g., consortium students)
  • a guest student, guest instructor, or course developer
  • a community leader, accreditation official, or field work supervisor
  • a non-UWM collaborator on a research project
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