Existing Users

If the individuals already have usernames in D2L, the instructor can enroll them from the Classlist.  

Here’s how for just a few.  Here’s how for more than a few.

New Users

If the individuals are *not* already in the D2L database:

1.  Create a spreadsheet:

  • COLUMN 1: CREATE (the word create)
  • COLUMN 2: USERNAME (the person’s firstname.lastname)
  • COLUMN 3: FIRSTname
  • COLUMN 4: LASTname
  • COLUMN 5: EMAILaddress
  • COLUMN 6: GUEST (the word guest)

Save the spreadsheet as CSV (Comma delimited) for PC or Windows Comma Separated (.csv) for MAC) with one row per user to be added to the D2L system.

2.  Send an email to dle-requests at uwm.edu with the following information

  • the reason for the request
  • the role the individuals will have in the course site
  • the spreadsheet created in Step #1 above, as an attachment to the email

3.  Allow 3 business days for processing.

4.  Sender receives email stating that the spreadsheet has been processed.

5.  Instructor enrolls the new accounts into D2L site via Classlist.

6. Instructor sends password reset emails to new users via Classlist.

IMPORTANT: Please use caution when enrolling users into UWM for-credit courses.  To avoid exposing students’ FERPA-protected information, please consider using the “Guest Instructor” role, which will allow access to the Discussion forums, but will not allow the guest to view student work or grades.